20 September Information flash


Have Trust…Leave Space

Today we began doing serious things!

No, wait! I started off wrong. We’ve been doing serious things here from day one. So let me backtrack and express myself more correctly.

Today we took in hand our Work Instrument, up to now the fruit of the journey and sharing of all the sisters of the Congregation and the point of departure for our reflections in view of the drafting of the Chapter’s Final Document. The Chapter assembly will draw up this Document, vote on it and consign it to the new government so that it can set the pace of the Congregation’s life for the next 6 years. But we’ll talk about that later.

Today we are concentrating on something else…indeed, pardon me, on a Person: the Holy Spirit. To help us focus better and with greater precision on his presence and action in this phase of our work, as well as in every instant of our life, Fr. José Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, a Claretian priest, arrived among us to introduce us into this important phase of the Chapter. It is a phase in which it is essential to leave space for the Spirit, allowing his effervescent presence to rearrange, innovate and re-create everything…taking as his starting point the Father and not our pre-packaged projects.

Several key dimensions of our apostolic life echoed within us with particular force: the covenant to which God is calling us and of which he is the first guarantor; guardianship of the memory of the meeting that produced the “pact”…our mandate; the world, with its challenges and its serious but not unsurmountable weaknesses and, despite its countless limitations, its thirst for meaning.

For the next few days, the Work Instrument will be the platform from which we will alternate study, sharing, the comparison of ideas, searching, prayer, voting… All in the serene certainty that it is the Holy Spirit, the great Presence in this “Upper Room,” who is guiding everything.

We know that you are all accompanying us with your prayers…and for this: THANK YOU!

Thanks also for the many messages we receive from you every day. See you tomorrow!  #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 20 September 2019

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