5 October Information flash


For Everything…Thank You!

Today the Chapter Assembly voted to officially close the 11th General Chapter of the Daughters of St. Paul. Superior General Sr. Anna Caiazza gave everyone a copy of the Chapter’s Final Document, once again entrusting to the responsibility of each sister the present and future of the Congregation in the profound conviction that we are all part of the same Body–a living, vibrant, plural, multi-ethnic and multicultural Body.

Today has been constantly crossed by a single heartfelt thank you: to God for the creative fidelity with which he accompanies us; to the outgoing General Government for everything it gave to the Congregation; to the Pre-Chapter Commission; to Sr. Anna and the sisters of our new General Council, who said yes to this important service; to all those who in different ways and through different tasks contributed to the success of the Chapter, and to every Chapter delegate for the climate of fraternity and trust that allowed us to accomplish this journey together.

We want to thank every Daughter of St. Paul throughout the world and all the sisters, brothers and friends who made their presence felt. Our thanks to our sisters already in heaven, who watched over us and interceded for us to God.

An immense thanks to our elderly and sick sisters, who were like lightning rods, obtaining through their self-offering an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us.

A trusting thanks to our young Daughters of St. Paul and to our young women in formation for their enthusiasm and presence, in the shared certainty of being, all together, voices of a charism that is greater than we are but that through the gift of each one enables us to enter into the history of all peoples and makes it possible for the life of God to sprout.

A thank you we cannot fail to voice is addressed to all the laity who collaborate with us in proclaiming the Gospel, impelling us to respond to this mission in an ever-more authentic and competent way.

And now: Get to your feet, Daughters of St. Paul! Ever onward, with the heart of Paul, to bring the world Jesus Christ, the Word of Life, through the fantasy of communication. Be brave! Take risks! There is no time to lose!

The 11th General Chapter has ended, but the invitation to everyone remains the same: #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 5 October 2019

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