3 ottobre – Election of the General Councilors


A Complete Council!

It’s done! We are finally able to give you the names of all the sisters who, alongside Sr. Anna Caiazza, form our new Council:

  • Wisniewski Sr. Clarice
  • Fregni Sr. Bruna
  • Giaimo Sr. Donna William
  • Pae Sr. Micaela
  • Rubia Sr. Shalimar
  • Muindi Nduku Sr. Anastasia

Our thanks to all these sisters for saying yes in faith to this “call within a call” that God has addressed to them. We are certain that he will not let their feet falter, that he will watch over them, be their strength and provide them with direction.

Our greatest wish for them: that they will be councilors according to the heart of God.
We are praying for them.

Tomorrow a special event awaits us: we will be received in audience by Pope Francis. Needless to say we are preparing with great joy to live this moment. We are sure that the Pope’s words will be disconcerting, as always, but we are ready to welcome them as yet another “thrust” from God. #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 3 October 2019

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