29 September Information Flash


Toward the Final Document

Here we are again! At this point, we are taking rapid steps toward the concluding phase of the Chapter. We approved various objectives and processes that will be contained in the Final Document and the work of our sisters on the editorial team is increasingly oriented to the final rush. It is a laborious task that requires considerable commitment and a notable expenditure of energy on their part. But they continue to feel supported by the prayers of all of us and they are truly grateful for this.

In these days, as we mentioned in the previous news flash, we concentrated on analyzing the proposed modifications to our Constitutions and Directory sent in to us by various circumscriptions, and also several Motions presented by some sisters in our Assembly. This was a good moment for all of us to compare ideas and come to a deeper grasp of certain key issues, especially concerning our particular mission in the world of communication and also some specific aspects of our life. But naturally we can’t tell you anything about that…. These too are the subjects of our group work, syntheses and proposals. Everything will be communicated at the right time and in the right way.… In short, if there is one thing we do from morning to night around here it is teamwork: from the exchange of ideas, to discernment, to approval. And this too is a beautiful experience that we will carry in our hearts because it is an experience of trust, esteem and benevolence. But it is also an experience of healthy “lightness” (that of the Spirit, as Blaise Pascal would say), of joyful sharing, of attentive listening and of sisterly simplicity.

At this point, all we can do is make an appointment with you for tomorrow. Don’t forget that we are about to begin a crucial week. Ahead of us lies the big moment of the election of our new General Government. Therefore…WE ARE ASKING FOR A LOT OF PRAYERS!!!

See you tomorrow! #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 29 September 2019

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