28 September Information Flash


An Eye on the Constitutions

Today all our attention is focused on the Constitutions, our rule of life, the beacon that illuminates our path, an “embrace” that always brings us back home.

To cast light on our questions, we have with us Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, sj. The specific purpose of his input is to furnish us with important elements needed to make decisions regarding some proposed changes to the Constitutions. These proposals were sent to the Chapter by a number of circumscriptions and we have been asked to make a careful discernment concerning them.

As we know, our Constitutions contain and preserve a priceless heritage that each of us received as a gift and that must be passed on to future generations even richer and more plural than we received them, if possible. Fr. Ghirlanda pointed out that, when all is said and done, a charism manifests itself more and more over time thanks to the fact that it has multiple facets. But this obviously requires us to be very careful about what we modify or “retouch.” It is necessary to preserve the essentials in this precious text…those essentials that keep us on the same “wavelength” as God, through the work of the Spirit. And so, today too, our work can only be carried out in a spirit of discernment as we examine with liberty the proposals made by our circumscriptions and evaluate how advisable they are.

We know you are close to us in this particular moment…thank you very much for that!

Until tomorrow… #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 28 September 2019

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