25 September Information flash


Music Transformed into Prayer

Yesterday evening was an extraordinary gift to us: a time of intense spirituality animated by the choir of the Diocese of Rome, directed by Fr. Marco Frisina…IN PERSON! Fr. Frisina’s songs gave rhythm and depth to the itinerary of the evening, enabling us to touch the beauty of God, and his introductions to the pieces performed were a true sharing of faith and life.

Listening to the words and music made us “vibrate” in a special way. The world of music knocked on our door, presenting itself as a privileged form of evangelization, capable of penetrating every person intimately and opening up particular avenues of access to God for each one.

We had the joy of sharing this memorable moment of prayer with many sisters and brothers present at Ariccia and also from other Pauline communities in the Rome area.

And today? Today we are grappling with changes, amendments, adjustments and suggestions for the Work Instrument, in view of drafting what will be the Chapter’s Final Document.

Our morning was occupied with group work…and now: on to the assembly!

Sharing ideas, confronting, listening, discerning, choosing, voting, welcoming: this is what will characterize the next few days.

Please continue to support us with your prayers and ask the Spirit to accompany us.

See you tomorrow! #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 25 September 2019

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