2 October- Elections of the Superior Generale


Let’s Celebrate!

Today, dear sisters, brothers and friends, we are celebrating!

Sr. Anna Caiazza is our new Superior General!

It is to her that the Lord is saying at this moment: “Get up and set out. Guide my people, my daughters. Trust in the promise; do not fear. Be courageous: I will be with you–with all of you.” The Lord is placing in her hands our communities, the peoples to whom we are sent as apostles of Jesus Christ, and all those who will meet God by virtue of the fruitfulness of the Pauline charism. The Chapter Assembly is entrusting to her our desire for profound renewal, for a new path to explore and follow, for a fraternity to be rediscovered, for a gift to be reinvigorated.

We offered Sr. Anna, together with the gift of flowers, a copy of the Bible and an icon of the tree of life:

  • The Bible: daily light for her service; the voice that each day will renew the invitation to go forth to find new ways of announcing Christ to the world.
  • The icon of the tree of life: an invitation to remain rooted in our sole Source and foundation so as to bring life.
  • Flowers: a symbol of our best wishes for fruitfulness in plurality

We offer Sr. Anna Caiazza our best wishes and prayers, in the certainty that the Lord will send his angels to guard her every step.

We invite all of you to send her your own messages in this moment of joy. #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi


Ariccia, 2 ottobre 2019

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