1 October Informazione Flash


In Discernment

We knew [the Motu Proprio] was coming out because it was rumored that Pope Francis would formalize what he had asked for at the conclusion of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. But having the actual document in hand immediately after we had approved our own Final Document was for us yet another sign from God–his further endorsement of our openness and desire for renewal, which have their foundation, motivation and deepest meaning in Jesus Word. Therefore, we can do nothing but thank him!

Today, the whole day will be dedicated to one thing: discernment.

“We are the Body of Christ, and because of this we can share his thoughts. The Chapter must discern like a single Body–a Body made one by the action of the Spirit.” This is how Father Paredes introduced us to this day, which is dedicated to prayer and discernment. It is a time that prepares us for tomorrow, 2 October, the day on which we will elect the Superior General.

In unison, we voice a single plea: “Lord, let us see!” We must overcome our blindness, say no to shortcuts and allow ourselves to be introduced into the thoughts of God, which are thoughts of life and of the future for our Congregation.

Tomorrow we will begin the day with a Mass to the Holy Spirit, asking him to direct us, lead us, impel us toward the person God has chosen. Let us all remain united in voicing this plea to the Holy Spirit.

See you tomorrow…. Everything is trembling, but we stand firm in an attitude of trust. #staytune#capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 1 October 2019

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