Prayer for the 11th General Chapter



Divine Holy Spirit,
eternal love of the Father and of the Son,
we adore you, we thank you, we love you.
Come to us, dwell in us;
let us savor the joy of our vocation.

Spirit of Truth,
present and active in us,
grant us the wisdom of the prophets,
the courage of Paul,
the faith of Mary, Alberione and Thecla.
Help us rediscover the power
of prophetic proclamation.
Enlighten our minds, guide us, direct us.

Creator Spirit,
give us the ability to dream
and to manifest your innovations
within our Congregation,
our communities and ourselves.

Life-giving Spirit,
guardian of the divine life in us,
illumine our path.
Revive our hope, banish our fears,
fill our hearts with complete trust in God,
who is faithful. Amen.


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