17 September Information Flash


In the Heart of the World / 2

Here we go again: our tour continues! But please don’t consider this a mundane trip. All our journeys are apostolic ones, aimed at discovering paths, dreams, projects, toils and prospects closely linked to evangelization, to the proclamation of the Gospel in every culture, among every people and in every language.

The past two days were filled with emotion. We met young sisters who bear great horizons in their hearts–sisters full of energy, who together are exploring and traveling the paths God is pointing out to them; sisters in formation who boldly look to a future rich in God, faith and the Gospel, and who want to build that future in a sisterly spirit, characterized by joy, communion, sharing….

And then, with profound and heartfelt gratitude, we met our elderly and sick sisters who, as apostles, continue to be leaven for every apostolic initiative. By means of their daily self-offering and prayer, these precious gems serve as the vital lymph that allows the whole Pauline “tree” to flourish.

Everything calls out to us!

  • The peoples who have not yet heard of Jesus Christ; languages that have not yet pronounced his name; societies that are rejecting him.
  • The digital world, which needs apostles capable of sharing life and forming people to faith and human fraternity.
  • Places where we are decreasing physically, but that urge us to think “beyond.”
  • The Church, which wants to be enriched by consecrated “bearers” of a special charism.
  • The laity, who share important aspects of our apostolic life and who are begging for formation so as to live their faith more maturely.
  • The Congregation, which yearns to discover new ways to share the richness of each person.

Everything entreats us, shakes us up, does not allow us to remain indifferent…. We carry them all in our hearts…with profound THANKS!

Stay tuned for another quick news flash tomorrow! #staytune #capitolo_ON #restiamoconnessi

Ariccia, 17 September 2019